Cargo Trailer

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See to follow the developments of the Pilot project for parcel delivery in the city of Delft.

Urban Distribution

Present day, the emissions in inner cities of Europe are above EU standards, therefore, the local authorities are pushing inner city distributors to embrace sustainable solutions. Courier Express and Parcel delivery businesses foresee future restricting measures and want to act.

A sustainable business still needs to be profitable.

Since a bicycle can transport less volume and weight than a diesel van, the solution exists in another area: delivery efficiency. A bicycle also has several advantages over a diesel van (see image below). The problems listed below have functioned as an inspiration for the design of the Cargo Trailer.

Problems with Diesel vans
1. Pollution (exhaustion)
2. Traffic jams (size)
3. Car obstructions (size)
4. Noise (motor)
5. Road damage (weight)

Delivery efficiency
The visual illustrates all handlings required for the delivery of one parcel: the delivery cycle. The efficiency of the ‘drive’ and ‘acquisition’ stage are determined by the Cargo Trailer. The rest of the cycle depends on other factors.

Maneuvre deep into the city, where cars cannot reach

Design for Usability
The vision behind the concept is based on designing for the main user. If the deliverymen can work comfortably with the vehicle, delivery efficiency will come naturally.

Bundled transport
Several Cargo Trailers can be loaded in the morning. When finished with the first Trailer, a fully loaded one can be distributed to the cyclists separately, reducing the reload time and effort.

Lap time
The user convenience of every handling determines the time that is spent on it. Therefore, the Cargo Trailer incorporates several intelligent and user friendly functions that improve the efficiency per delivery.

What makes it special?

Cargo volume
Due to the hitch connection, the trailer can transport a large volume without compromising the maneuverability too much.

The turning circle of the vehicle is very small (U-turn within 3 m).


Cargo Weight
The trailer carries the weight, requiring only a pullforce.

The trailer is powered by two electric hub motors, allowing the cyclist to ride comfortably with the cargo load behind him.


Accessory to a bicycle
It has a very similar experience to riding just on a bicycle.

Seperable from bike
This creates opportunities for smart logistic systems, like Hubs with multiple Cargo Trailers.

For more information

Jort Nijhuis (Msc)
+31 (0) 345 652 110
+31 (0) 654 654 154

What would you like to transport?

Flexibility in dimensions
Essentially it is a box on wheels, behind a bicycle. The modular nature of the design allows for easy adjustment to serve other transport or distribution markets.

Other vehicles
The bicycle connection can be adjusted to connect with other vehicle types.

.. for parcel delivery
width - 1 m allow the vehicle to go where cars cannot reach

Height - 1.5 m be able to see over the trailer

Depth - 1.75 m reach 2m3 volume capacity

Interior flexibility
The interior is equipped with a ‘rail system’ that allows the assembly of user-specific tools.


Electric Assist

The Cargo Trailer has been designed to transport itself, by means of electric motors. It has been programmed to allow the cyclist to maneuver safely through urban traffic. Operating this vehicle resembles the common experience of riding a bike.

The motors and battery pack will be tailored to the criteria for use in the targeted transport use. For instance, the range for parcel delivery is 30 km.

User Input
Interface allows the user to choose the level of assistance.

Pedal sensor
Checks whether the user is cycling.

Control Unit
Processes the user input to according motor output.

Hub motor in wheels
16" wheels for powerful accelerations.

Battery pack
Lead acid batteries